So, Repton Creative. A freelancer or a team? That’s up to you and your project. More importantly, we deliver branding, websites, stationery, print marketing and digital marketing material by top creative professionals without the overheads.

The not-so Lone Ranger

While cutting his teeth at creative agencies, Liam Gorman (AKA Mr Repton Creative) realised that he has the rare ability to be both a conceptual thinker, which is essential for a designer, whilst being able to code and build websites. Usually, you would have to hire both in your team, and as a budding creative, the role would choose you depending on how you are wired.

With years of experience split between both disciplines, Liam formulated a plan to offer businesses the best of both, without the cost of a full team and all the overheads that come with it. Luckily, he made a few good friends along the way, who are both at the top of their game and are not afraid to play as a team for the larger projects.

The vision

Repton Creative has grown into a very modern type of Creative offering. As a sole supplier or part of a collaborative team – the appropriate resources are pooled when the delivery requires it. With this approach, clients can be confident that their project costs are all going to towards the highest quality creative brains, and not the fancy lighting, quirky neon and bottle of champagne in an agency’s meeting room. Who needs a meeting room when, in a few years, we will be meeting on a tropical beach with our VR headsets?

If you have an upcoming project and this approach speaks to you, feel free to drop an email. Equally, if you are a creative team in need of some extra firepower, get in touch and let’s collaborate.

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