Your branding is always telling people something about your business. Let’s make sure it’s something good.

More than a logo

It’s easy to think of branding as a company logo. And while the logo is a part of the branding, it is better to think of it as the whole identity. From the colours used, the typography to the image style and tone of voice in copy, every interaction will give an impression about your business.

When we work with clients on their branding, we take in account how everything that a brand needs will communicate with the audience, so it is giving the right messaging 24/7, even when they’re not there to protect it. After we have created the brand and handed it over, all of this careful consideration means nothing without consistency, so we give businesses the new brand guidelines to make sure that every communication is working for them for years to come.

How we work

Whether you’re working with a team, or Repton alone, the process will be the same. Once we’ve extracted your inspiration and ideas about the brand, we combine it with our research and develop several concepts – running you through at every stage. There is then a process of elimination and development, refining the strongest concept into the finished article. This is how we capture the passion and vision of the business owner, while applying years of experience and knowhow of the creative team to deliver something much more than just a logo. You have a brand.

Depending on the project, this is where we can now work together on the print materials, the website, or even the digital marketing assets should you need them for launch, or a little further down the line. Many of our projects have seen a new brand created with a new website – ensuring that the branding is stitched into the website from the very start.

Latest Branding work