Users form an opinion about your business within the first second of loading your website. First impressions count.

The internet isn’t going anywhere

It’s understandable that when a business starts up, there is a long list of desired features that get shifted into the ‘nice to have’ column when the budget restrictions rear their ugly head. What is often overlooked at this stage is the impact that having a beautifully designed website that functions well will have on the user’s opinion of your business.

Have you ever visited a beautifully designed shop where there is plenty of light and space, everything is clearly signposted so you find what you are looking for, then the payment process was friendly and simple. If so, then you’ve probably also been to a cluttered, dark shop with poor fittings and you just can’t seem to find what you are looking for. Then to top it off, the cashier won’t take card and is rude, so you leave without the purchase.

We don’t think you’d be returning to that second shop, and you certainly wouldn’t be recommending it to a friend. This is our entirely over-elaborate analogy for how your website influences a user’s perception of your brand. So much more than a box-ticker, you can be missing out on so many opportunities from the internet if you don’t put your best foot forward.

How we do it

These days, most website are built on a CMS (a fancy way of saying a system that allows users to edit and create content from the back of the website without using code). Some agencies will build their own CMS and offer it to clients as a custom website build that of course can only be maintained by that agency. And we all know what happens to prices when there is no competition…

We build with WordPress CMS for three reasons. One, it isn’t the number one CMS for no reason. It is a brilliant, flexible foundation for almost any type of website. Two, it is open source. So almost any creative team with development knowledge will be able to fix, maintain or further develop the website in the future. Three, not to toot our horn, but we have delivered so many different types of websites using the WordPress framework that we have it nailed down. There is very little that you could dream up that we couldn’t deliver in a website.

Working together, we can design your dream website as flat artwork, build it all on WordPress CMS, then hand over a website that you can create and edit all of the content without need of technical help. And does it work on mobile? Of course it does.

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